Fragapanophobia : The fear of birthdays

Fragapanophobia is the irrational fear of birthdays. Though, i must admit i too feel a little anxious when my birthday is approaching. Two days or a day before my birthday this unusual feeling always comes but not phobia.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels:

This fear in many people, though more commonly in children or elderlies and some mid ages, comes in when their birthday is coming up. For the adults, it tends to remind them they are getting older and for children, that something will definitely go wrong just because of past experience.

Do this to break the pressures
A day or two before your birthday, find a comfortable and quiet place. Sit or lie down with your eyes closed.

Now, release and let go of any issues or problems your are dealing with and most especially anxiety. Instead of focusing on fears and doubts, only think about what you are feeling at this moment.

At this moment of your meditation, you will be at peace with yourself and you may even fall asleep. But try to give thanks to God for the gift of life.

On the day of your birthday, repeat this very early in the morning. Stay calm and do interesting things through out that day.

If you do this, each birthday that comes will be a smooth ride.