5 years birthday journal

There are few moments in life which will live on in the memory of everyone who witnessed them. My birthday journal had such moments summarized.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

2015 on Saturday
My husband woke me up with a kiss and thousand of prayers. We do that to each other on our special days. I celebrated that day with my husband and kid, plus with a lovely cake made by my husband. I couldn't eat much because i was pregnant. By the way my husband has A+++ in cooking.

2016 on Monday
I usually FAST on Monday, just to keep the spirit motivated. I was at work and nobody knew my birthday was on that day until my husband called my colleagues to hint them. Couldn't work again because the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" messages was just too much. That day was lovely. Also, i was allowed to leave early to enjoy the rest of the day.

2017 on Tuesday
Yes, i had a solo birthday celebration at a restaurant very close to my office. Also, i was really happy my son had started calling me Mummy. We had him early 2016.

2018 on Wednesday
I had disable my facebook birthday notification 5 days before the actual date. So, i was sure it is going to be solo but my husband had my password and turning it on. Oh! That day was completely off the hook. A surprise party was waiting for me in the office, infact it was lovely.

2019 is going to be on Thursday
The mystery date is October 10th and i hope to celebrate it and have the courage to share it on social media.

Do you have a birthday journal? It will be lovely if you can share it with us on any our social media channels , thanks.