5 Laws of Birthday

These are the laws of birthday according to my children.

Photo by magda ehlers from Pexels

1. Birthday must be remembered
Breaking this first law is a crime against humanity and the punishment is a daily gift to the birthday celebrant through out that year (at least one year).

2. Special food must be prepared on a birthday. 
Breaking the second law is a crime against everyone at home including the parent. The punishment is no house chores (for kids only) throughout the week.

3. Special gift or gifts must be given to the birthday celebrant. 
The punishment is the same as the first law if this law is broken.

4. The birthday celebrant must be celebrated.
The punishment is the same as the second law if this law is broken.

5. The birthday celebrant must not be punished if he or she does something wrong (jokingly stated to me)
Thankfully, no punishment was assigned if this law is broken because my children forgot to state it. 

Do you have laws concerning birthday in your home? Share it with me in the comment section and let have fun with it, thanks.

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