June.com.ng - Relive the Moments that truly matter

What if you could use your birth month to record all the things that has happened and also happening in your life? I know you have social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). But what I meant Is a digital book or a personal blog that allows you to capture the current happenings, view all the past memories and gives you a unique way to access them online (like a simple, descriptive and memorable URL on the internet).

Relive the moments that truly matter
June.com.ng (plus 11 others) are online scrapbooks to keep memories and journal the exciting parts of life. They enables you to capture photos or videos of important life moments, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, hangouts, reunions, memorials etc. The list isn't short on what should be included in the story of your life.

The best part is that all these moments can be capture and share with your family and friends using your name and birth month (name.june.com.ng). To do this you can either use it as a custom domain name on Google Blogspot or redirect it to any of your social media page. See sample here (Teni.june.com.ng).

Finally, your life is filled with stories that others would love to hear. All you need to do is capture your story in a unique way and let others relive all the moments that truly matter with you.

Forever young